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Rehearsal studios / live music venues

Rehearsal studio for professionals

Photo of a rehearsal studio

Mainly used for concert rehearsals, these studios are designed with the anticipation of accommodating a large number of people using similar equipment and sets. For this reason, having a high-grade sound insulation structure that can withstand the high volumes of the main equipment as well as a large floor and high ceiling that can reproduce the production stage characteristics are important. Being able to bring in equipment directly on heavy-duty trucks and securing plenty of parking as with an actual concert venue is also an important aspect.
For these reasons, buildings with warehouse-like specifications--including higher floor heights, wider column spans, and larger load capacities than general tenant buildings--are best for rehearsal studio planning. If necessary, appropriate acoustic designing and construction will be implemented in order to create a user-friendly studio.

Rental practice studios

Photo of a rental practice studio Most customers renting practice studios are amateur bands, so many rental practice studio plans involve general tenant buildings conveniently located near a station.
Nihon Onkyo Engineering has planned numerous studios with different room sizes for accommodating from 2 or 3 to 10 people at a time. Rental rates are set according to the size of the room, so designs tend to require wider, higher-ceilinged rooms. In addition, in order to ensure business can proceed without restrictions, sound insulation measures for other tenants (such as those in upper and lower floors) is important. However, buildings often have restrictions on loads that can be placed on the floors and low floor heights. This is why it is equally important to investigate various rental details during the location selection stage.
Nihon Onkyo Engineering takes all of these points--as well as cost performance--into consideration by making full use of our proprietary acoustic technology and expertise in acoustic design.

Live music venues and standing halls

Photo of a live music club

In live music venues that play rock and pop music, countermeasures must be considered not only for the PA systems that radiate extremely loud sounds but also for the "vertical vibration" effects caused by the audience. This "vertical vibration" will shake the building itself and possibly even neighboring buildings. It is difficult to develop noise and vibration countermeasures using only sound- and vibration-proofing techniques, so consideration must also be given for reinforcement of the building, foundation, and surrounding land.
Another specific feature of a live music venue is that it has running water for the kitchen and lavatories. Incorporating all facilities in the floating construction, however, is easier said than done, and specialized experience is essential.
At Nihon Onkyo Engineering, our experienced staff cooperates across business divisions--from acoustic consulting at the design stage to construction and final reviewing and inspection of the building.

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