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Speedy acoustic material design environment

For optimal design of sound absorption and insulation materials

STRATI-ARTZ screen Optimizing the acoustical performance of sound absorption or sound insulation material is very complicated. To create a multi-layered structure with high-performance characteristics requires calculation using the physical models that can accurately describe the propagation of internal sounds and vibrations. For this reason, physical "modeling" of the acoustic material is necessary. With STRATI-ARTZ, the users can select the appropriate physical models for each layer from following. These models can then be combined to predict acoustic performance of the layered structures. The several up-to-date modeling methods are also in development and will be available in future versions.

Efficient development of single-layered material

STRATI-ARTZ screen To develop a single-layer sound absorption or sound insulation material, understanding the relationship between manufacturing-controllable parameters (such as the diameter of fibers, the kind of material, and weight, sometimes called "microstructural parameters") and sound absorption coefficient or sound transmission loss is very important. Material parameters such as flow resistance and tortuosity are also related to such microstructural parameters and are used in acoustic modeling.
STRATI-ARTZ features a rich acoustic material database, which includes the models of typical acoustic materials and its parameters, and can be used for benchmarking.

Combination of various materials

STRATI-ARTZ screen STRATI-ARTZ provides state-of-the-art acoustic models and allows users to examine the sound absorption and sound insulation performance of various structures. Moreover, STRATI-ARTZ enables to simulate of the sound absorption and insulation effects of the area of samples. It makes it possible to check correspondence between experimentat and prediction.

Linking to CAE software

ACTRAN The results and material parameters can be exported, and loaded into major CAE software. The data is compatible with ACTRAN.


Fluid - Air Air space
Porous - Poroelastic Poro-elastic material (having elastic frame)
Porous - Rigidframe Porous material (having rigid frame)
Porous - Limpframe Porous material (having soft frame)
Porous - "Champoux-Allard" Porous material (empirical model)
Porous - "Delany-Bazley" Porous material (empirical model)
Porous - "Miki" Porous material (empirical model)
Elastic - Impervious Impervious elastic material
Elastic - Impervious (freq) Impervious elastic material (in case of elastic is frequency-dependent)
Perforated plate - Rigid Perforated plate
Perforated plate - Elastic Perforated plate (elastic material)
WinZac Porous material (sound propagation constant / characteristic impedance: WinZac)
Prop - const and Char - imp Porous material (sound propagation constant / characteristic impedance)
Calculation function
Finite area calculation function Can simulate the material characteristics with actual sample size
Material parameter database Database of required parameters for calculation of porous material (Porous - Poroelastic, Rigidframe, Limpframe) and impermeable elastic material (Elastic - Impervious)
Material search Searches for the material showing similar acoustic performance from the material database
Single-optimizer function Estimates the parameters showing similar acoustic performance
Parameter study function Analyzes the effect on acoustic characteristics with changing parameters.
TAM-Viewer function Determines the transfer admittance matrix from the measured results.
Operating environment
PC OS: Windows 10
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