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Audio rooms / home theaters

Being able to play video and audio without fear of disturbing others, and being able to enjoy the sound being played back, are important aspects of any audio room or home theater. In professional-use settings, Nihon Onkyo Engineering is able to incorporate a high-quality sound space into the audio room / home theater with the help of experience and technical abilities garnered over many years.

Our goal is to provide soundproofing specifications with good cost performance suitable for each setting.

Through sound insulation planning and design with consideration for the surrounding environment (presence of noise, housing conditions, etc.) and for the playing environment (kind/volume of music, time period), our suggestions are designed to prevent excessive sound insulation, which increases costs, while sticking closely to the customer's budget and need.

Determining the best listening environment

In order to provide the best sound space with no listening fatigue, Nihon Onkyo Engineering places and adjusts sound field adjustment material according to the shape of the room and to the specified listening point, and then by analyzing the sound field, including by additionally examining the placement of equipment.

Maximizing audio equipment capabilities using AGS to create an ideal sound field

The higher a room's sound insulation (soundproofing) performance is, the more that room will be filled with the energy of the sound reproduction. This makes listening within the room a tiring experience. Nihon Onkyo Engineering achieves a natural sound field not only by balancing adjustments to sound absorption and reflection in room sound field processing but also by actively incorporating the third option of diffusion.

Experience "music with presence" in the Sound Lab listening room

In Nihon Onkyo Engineering's Sound Lab, visitors will feel like they are listening to a live performance, bringing to life a realism to music similar to the original sound.
(Visiting the Sound Lab requires a reservation. Please contact Nihon Onkyo Engineering by phone, fax, or e-mail.)

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