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Control sound-absorption characteristics according to the application

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Problems with conventional sound-absorbing material

In rooms where high acoustic quality is required, such as studios and listening rooms, control over the sound-absorbing power according to the application is necessary. This is due to the various elements required, from situations where importance is put on the acoustic sound of the instrument to situations where clarity of voice is important.
Conventionally, sound field adjustment based mainly on sound-absorbing material has been carried out for such adjustments, with typical sound-absorbing material being made with glass wool (sound-absorbing material made of glass fiber) and the like. Generally, sound-absorbing material has higher sound-absorbing capabilities for high frequencies than for low frequencies. When used extensively in various parts of a room, this can cause a feeling that only the high frequencies are being absorbed, resulting in a stuffy feeling with muted sounds and an overall boring sound field. Rooms with excessive sound absorption can also cause wide variations in how a sound if the listening position is slightly offset, resulting in a tiring sound field with prolonged exposure.

Controlling sound-absorption characteristics with AGS

With the Acoustic Grove System, the sound-absorbing capabilities of the room can be controlled over a wide band with no bias in the high frequency range. This makes it possible to control the sound-absorbing power according to how the room is being used without sacrificing the pleasure of listening.

Difference between glass wool and AGS
Combined use of AGS and sound-absorbing material
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