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Questions and answers

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Q: Where should I place AGS for the most effective results?

A: The AGSs reduce phase interferences induced by standing waves caused by opposing wall surfaces and reflected sounds from walls, so these products will generally be most effective when placed near the primary reflection position of the wall where the standing wave occurs or on the wall nearest either the sound source or the listening position. However, the effectiveness also depends on the room environment as well as the position and type of sound source being used, so we recommend adjusting the installation position while actively listening to the sounds.

Q: The room is a dead (live) space. Will these products be effective?

A: Because these products reduce standing waves and phase interference as mentioned above, these products will be effective in both dead and live spaces. For live spaces, the sound image will be improved and "boomy" sensations will be eliminated. For dead spaces, musical sounds will be thicker and the depth of the sound field will be increased for a more realistic environment.

Q: AGS lineups include several products. Which one should I choose?

A: Please choose your products according to the sound field concerns you are experiencing. For issues relating to lower frequencies, such as with standing waves or boomy sounds, products that provide an increased depth will be most effective, for example FS1. They are effective because sound waves in the lower frequencies have longer wavelengths. They are also effective middle to high frequencies as well. More compact products such as MN1 are more effective with regard to the middle to high frequencies. Such products eliminate the sense of distortion, graininess, and saturation in the vocal frequencies.
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