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Kaori Muraji Meets AGS

Kaori Muraji


Kaori Muraji is considered as one of the
most promising classical guitarists of today,
and her challenges and activities are always regarded with keen interest by the entire classical music community.

Comparing without and with AGS

ーーHow did you feel?

What a big difference. Really amazed when listening the first note.
With AGS, the sound become crisp, seems to be able to listen what I want to play.

When I play guitar with orchestra, many people are sitting behind me and deliver beautiful sound through me. The feeling of AGS is very similar. I can feel scenery of sound in real performance even when I am sitting here. I am amazing this technology is not reproducing the sound only, it is delivering sound field itself as well.

In this tune, a lot of musicians are playing, the position of each player seems to be very accurate. Some of them are playing far away from me, some are playing very close to me.
Without regarding distances, I can hear their sound clearly and respectively.

When she got guitar

ーーHow did you feel with playing?

I am always trying to make comfortable tone by myself. But when AGS with me, I do not need such effort to produce comfortable tone. AGS helps me.
guitar is an instrument to be able to taste such beautiful disappearing note, when AGS are surrounding me, this decay note become very natural and beautiful. This is not power or technique of musicians. This is the power of sound field, and power of AGS delivering this sound field.

When I play tremolo style like this,
I can hear very clear each tone, very beautiful.
The quality of sound is improved and become comfortable
when AGS are surrounding me. Musicians practice every day imaging the sound when we play in concert halls. On concert day,
we go to the hall and confirm tone of the hall during rehearsal and try to adjust our play, and then we go through real performance in front of audiences.If I have AGS in my home, it means I can have an acoustically comfortable space even from practicing time and I can try to play practically with imagining audiences' experience in halls. AGS is delivering the space where I can enjoy practices with similar feeling when I play in real performance.

ーーWho do you want to recommend AGS?

I want to recommend AGS for musicians, but moreover for the people loving music much. There are a lot of people who own ten thousand of vinyl records, pursuing speaker settings and choosing audio equipment. I want to introduce this unique and interesting item AGS for them,
who really know joy of listening music.

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