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Experts Talk

Kaori Muraji

Kaori Muraji, a professional classic guitarist,
talked her experiences of AGS effect and impression both in listening and playing music. What did she feel?

Hideaki Nishikawa
CEO of Stella Inc. TechDAS designer

In the biggest high-end audio show in the world "High End Munich", TechDAS and AGS have been exhibited in a same room.
Hideaki Nishikawa talked about AGS helping demonstration of TechDAS products in High End Munich, as well as impression of AGS installed in their listening room.

Kenji Mayuzumi
Audio Reviewer

Kenji Mayuzumi, an audio reviewer who has experiences to review various audio equipment and visiting audiophiles,
has been using AGS in his audio room. He talked about AGS and its history and background, as well as impressions upon started to use in his audio room.

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