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Acoustic Grove System (AGS)

The Acoustic Grove System columnar diffuser is designed to provide a sensation of an endless space akin to what one would feel in a forest. When considering the ideal sound field, a forest with row upon row of innumerable trees is said to provide a space with crisp lower frequencies and rich middle to high frequencies. With a lengthy list of achievements in studio construction both in Japan and overseas, and with acoustic simulation technology cultivated over many years, we at Nihon Onkyo Engineering focused on the acoustics of such a forest in developing our new room-tuning mechanism, the Acoustic Grove System (AGS) (patent/design registered).

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Kaori Muraji Meets AGS

スペシャルコンテンツ サムネイル
Kaori Muraji, a professional classic guitarist,
talked her experiences of AGS effect and impression both in listening and playing music. What did she feel?
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