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Noise measurement

Noise measurement

Noise measurement is performed in accordance with the industrial standards and other regulations depending on the situation.
Every day we experience various noises. The measurement and analysis methods of noise vary depending on the purpose of the measurement, which can include not only the sound pressure level but also the situation and time of occurrence of the noise. As such, careful planning must be undertaken beforehand.
Nihon Onkyo Engineering provides acoustic measuring tailored specifically to the needs of customers.
In addition, we are registered as a certified company for noise measurement officially.

Factory noise measurement

Factory noise measurement

Factories and other locations where specific equipment that generates excessive noise are required to comply with regulations for noise generated from the factory on the site boundary. The type of machines included in these regulations may be specified by the applicable laws. Although measurement times will vary depending on the operating conditions of the factory, automatic and unmanned measurement may be necessary depending on the factory's noise situation.

Heavy machinery at construction site

Heavy machinery at construction site

The civil and construction work activities are known to generate excessive noise. Noise measurement may be necessary for such civil or construction work on the site boundary. The various activities included in such work are defined by the applicable laws.

Road traffic noise measurement

Noise measurement at the edge of a road

In areas where road traffic noise is excessive, the local government may request measurement of request limits. Measurement is performed using a sound level meter installed at the road's boundary.

Noise measurement for determining the specification of the building (for road traffic noise)

Measurement using a microphone hanging from a crane

Road traffic noise measurements are performed even during planning for construction of music halls, housing complexes (apartment buildings) and hotels, and offices if the planned construction area is near a main road or expressway. When measuring in consideration of sound insulation, data for each frequency band is required for calculating sound insulation, so frequency characteristic analysis is absolutely necessary. If measurement at a higher location is required, Nihon Onkyo Engineering will use any existing buildings or neighboring buildings within the planned area. In rare cases, a crane or a balloon may be used to measure at heights of 100 m or more.

Noise measurement for determining the specification of the building (for railway noise)

A wide variety of train types may be operating in city centers.

As with road traffic noise measurement, railway noise may be measured during sound insulation designing. Frequency characteristic analysis is required as a measurement within the sound insulation analysis process. Measurement times are generally limited to during the day, but when the measurement includes the freight trains or the express trains, the measurement time will need to be adjusted according to the train operating schedule.

Facility noise measurement

Noise measurement of facility equipment

Buildings include numerous facilities such as elevators, escalators, mechanical parking facilities, shutters, automatic doors, air-conditioning system, sanitary facilities, electrical equipment, etc. In order to understand the influence of the noise from such facilities, Nihon Onkyo Engineering measures the noise in the room that includes such facilities and in adjacent rooms.

Unrecognized sounds measurement (noise source identification)

Example where a noise is generated from a window frame

Nihon Onkyo Engineering uses its Noise Vision omnidirectional sound source identification system to determine the location of a sound source. Noise Vision creates acoustic maps of the noise source strength superimposed into photos. Identifying the noise source can be help to determine countermeasures.

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