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Noise improvements

From sound visualization to countermeasures, and continuous monitoring

Nihon Onkyo Engineering "visualizes" sources of noise in a factory by using its Noise Vision omnidirectional sound source identification system. We also use GEONOISE noise-prediction software to perform simulations that allow us to visualize noise propagation. We can provide the cost-effective solution to reduce the noise.

After addressing the noise countermeasures, we then propose the best means to achieve the appropriate countermeasures. We may also propose a measurement system in order to continuous monitor the influence of nearby, according to the needs of the customer.

Visualization through Noise Vision

Visualizing and understanding soundWhen examining the countermeasures against noise, identification of influential sources of noise is an essential first step.
Nihon Onkyo Engineering's Noise Vision system is a spherical sensor that incorporates 31 microphones and 12 cameras. This system allows users to "visualize" highly influential sound sources through quick measurements performed within a site's boundaries or in a factory. The results can then be reviewed on a laptop screen on site.

Predicting the noise propagation and visualization using GEONOISE

Visualizing noise countermeasures using GEONOISEOnce the sources of noise have been identified using Noise Vision, Nihon Onkyo Engineering employs simulations to examine the appropriate countermeasures. Our original GEONOISE noise prediction software allows predict noise propagation associated with a plan to be visualized through simulations, making it possible to predict the effects of countermeasures before construction.

Soundproof boxes, soundproof hoods, and silencers
Nihon Onkyo Engineering also offers soundproof boxes with removable soundproof panels for facilitating such tasks as equipment maintenance.
Other measures besides soundproof walls include soundproof hoods, silencers, and other products for air supply and exhaust.
Nihon Onkyo Engineering may also propose a combination of these noise countermeasures with appropriate consideration for cost, effectiveness, and workability.

Continuous noise monitoring solution

Nihon Onkyo Engineering's noise monitoring systems have been adopted for continuous noise monitoring around major airports throughout Japan.
The extensive technological abilities and expertise, the system allows us to offer a unique monitoring system developed specifically to meet the needs of the customer.

Constant noise monitoring system

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