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NES speakers

High-quality studio monitor speaker system

example Usage example in TV Asahi The NES (Natural Excellent Sound) monitor speaker system was developed in 1993 in accordance with renovations of the venerated Sound Inn Studios recording studio's B Studio. The NES monitor speaker system was developed under the initiative of Sound Inn Studios as a result of the idea of "Building what isn't available" in response to the lack of monitor speakers available at the time that were suitable to Japanese control room environments while offering the two normally incompatible elements of high power and high quality. Over several months, a process of prototyping, data collection, and auditioning was repeatedly performed. At the time, Sound Inn Studios was being operated as the studio business division of VAP Inc., which offered numerous widely used products including the "Over Quality" console under the "Adgear" brand, cue boxes, and its "Monoler" series. The NES system became another such product and was selected as the monitor speakers for NHK's high-quality studio. Today, Nihon Onkyo Engineering controls all sales operations of the Adgear brand and has introduced the NES system to numerous locations (mainly key TV stations), earning high praise from customers in various fields.

Key features of NES speakers

High-powered, soft-domed mid-range unit developed in-house

The greatest feature of the NES system is its original soft-domed mid-range unit. Being one of the few global manufacturers capable of supplying high-quality soft-dome units, we developed a unique soft-domed mid-range unit which is aimed specifically at the central vocal band with the cooperation of TOA Corporation. With a unit diameter of 100 mm, this high-power and high-quality mid-range unit is able to lower crossover with woofers to 350 Hz.

Strong, wood-free enclosure

The enclosure includes "Melafitt," a phenolic resin type material, in the construction. This material has a specific gravity of 1.6--roughly twice that of wood. Adopting this material allows for higher rigidity with reduced shaking even when the woofer unit is being driven. Moreover, individual differences that often occur when using natural materials such as wood are eliminated, resulting in excellent uniformity between left and right speakers, a characteristic that often affects monitoring properties.

Order-made system

Customer monitor environments come in a wide variety influenced by such factors as room size, recording genre, listening level, personal preferences, and system equipment such as mixing consoles. As such, no two environments are alike. In order to offer optimum monitoring under all circumstances, our products are made to order--from tuning to production--in an effort to meet a wider variety of needs.

Tuning that includes room acoustics

When it comes to a monitor environment's sound quality, speaker performance alone is not the only deciding factor. Sound quality is determined by everything from the characteristics of the electric system--from the mixing console to the power amplifier--to room transmission characteristics and how the sound from a speaker reaches the ear. At Nihon Onkyo Engineering, we strive to build the best monitoring environment through not only consistent installation but also room acoustic tuning in order to fully demonstrate speaker performance.

NES Monitor Speaker System


The NES211S is a 1.5-inch soft-dome tweeter with a custom-order 100 mm high-power soft-dome squawker, excellent transient characteristics, and a 3-way configuration with two high-power 12-inch woofers included. Recommended for top-level performance in large monitoring environments including recording studios and TV stations.


Using the same mid- and high-range units as the 211S, this single-woofer product offers the high-quality performance of the 211S in a compact enclosure. Usable not only with 2-channel monitoring but also in construction of high-quality surround monitoring environments capable of expressing a precise surround image.


Including the same 2-way, 12-inch woofer and 1.5 inch soft-dome tweeter as the 211S and 111S, the compact and high-quality 101S series can be been adopted as main monitors or as rear channels in surround monitoring systems.


This 2-way speaker includes a 10-inch woofer and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. With accurate sound image reproduction and natural sound quality, the NESmini is ideal for near-field monitoring. Ideal for constructing small surround monitoring environments when used with the optional speaker stands.


Including a 15-inch subwoofer, the NES100/200LFE is an LFE subwoofer system capable of withstanding ultra-low frequency reproduction thanks to a strong, laminated enclosure made with composite materials. The speaker comes in single-woofer or double-woofer models in order to suit a wide range of needs, from small-scale environments to large-scale setups.


NES450 is utilizing the proven Over Quality Series discrete amplifier in the input stage and dividing stage, and is capable of 400 W in MONO mode. In addition to stereo specifications, also offers bi-amp specifications for use as a driver for large speakers with a marginable low-power range and a mid- to high-power range of 150 W. This model incorporates a fan-less design in order to ensure maximum quietness.

Optional accessories

In addition to an enhanced NES monitor speaker lineup, Nihon Onkyo Engineering offers a speaker lifting system as an optional accessory for speaker setup requests for achieving a 5.1 ch surround sound configuration from customers in various fields, including broadcasting stations.
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