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Screening rooms / movie theaters

Screening rooms and movie theaters

In the movie production process, screening rooms (dubbing stages) include high-resolution equipment beyond that of the cinema for final verification of video and audio. These rooms must be able to faithfully reproduce the resolution and contrast of the produced video in addition to the dynamic range of sounds. Using high-spec sound field design technology, Nihon Onkyo Engineering can create a first-class screening room with a clear monitor environment capable of demonstrating the full performance of the system with only natural, faithful sound playback.

Acoustic examination of screening rooms

Example of screening room production

Nihon Onkyo Engineering not only designs but also develops the highest quality preview environments that include the following:

  • High-grade sound insulation structure to prevent sound and vibration from leaking outside
  • Countermeasures for isolating the audience from vibrations from the high volumes of the loudspeakers
  • Expertise in settings to take full advantage of the power of cinema horn speakers
  • Acoustical interior design that can reduce low-frequency booming, reproduce well-balanced frequency characteristics from low to high frequencies, and offer a uniform surround sound field
  • Designs with appropriate consideration for screen and areas around the projection window used for high-brightness, high-resolution projection

After introducing these and other technologies, Nihon Onkyo Engineering will execute sound tuning by listening and making adjustments to the screening system to best serve the needs of the client.

Acoustic examination of movie theaters

Photo of theater Recently there is a growing demand in the cinema business for mainstream multiplex cinema with big screens and high-power sound system. Most sound systems for cinemas use a speaker system similar to a live music venue and are subject to instant or continuous playback at more than 110 dB.
As such, the sound insulation must be adequate enough to prevent even such large volumes from affecting surrounding areas. For theaters located next to each other, the insulation structure should be similar to a hall or live music venue with a "completely floating construction," but accomplishing this can be costly. As such, implementing a high-level, high-quality sound insulation system that is affordable and effective is important.
Nihon Onkyo Engineering has not only the know-how and experience as acoustic consultants on multiplex theaters but also the technology to design and construct high-quality, large-scale architecture like concert halls. These elements allow us to provide high-quality cinema acoustic designs and construction with high cost effectiveness.

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