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Noise Vision sound source identification system

Identification and visualization of noise source and its strength

Noise Vision Logo Noise Vision is a widely adopted sound source identification system. Nihon Onkyo Engineering's omnidirectional sound source identification system uses a spherical baffle microphone array and spherical beamforming, making it possible to use Noise Vision in enclosed spaces like the inside of a vehicle, the industry first that has been adopted by numerous customers. With an extensive array of functions and a lineup that makes it possible to select the optimal sound source identification system in various environments, Nihon Onkyo Engineering is able to provide systems and services capable of streamlining customer noise control efforts.

Spherical array system

Omnidirectional sound source identification system

This omnidirectional sound source identification and visualization system is designed mainly for use in confined spaces and locations where the location of the noise source cannot be determined. In addition to spherical beamforming analysis, the system can be used for sound intensity analysis at low-frequency using spherical near-field acoustic holography for a wide range of sound source identification applications.
Planar array system

Planar microphone array sound source identification system

This high-accuracy sound source identification system uses a planar microphone array. The system is best to use for applications in open spaces like for construction machines and trains, or for wind tunnel experiment of vehicles and trains. The combination of the straight and curved microphone array units with Nihon Onkyo Engineering's optimized beamforming algorithm allows for high-resolution sound source identification.

Customers of Noise Vision

Noise Vision has been widely adopted by major automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, like Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Denso, Aisin, Toyota Boshoku, Ford, Pininfarina, etc. Thanks to its accuracy and quick analysis capabilities, Noise Vision is used as a key instrument by Ford Motor Company to make their vehicle interiors quiet.
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