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Technical Papers and Presentations 2006

Bem Calculation of Acoustic Wave Localized in 2-Dimensional Random Field

H. Tsuru, T. Ishiduka(Shimizu CORP.), T. Ohtsuki(Sophia UNIV.)
ICSV13, Vienna, CDROM (2006)

Application of Optimized Compact Finite Difference Schemes on Uneven Grid to the Computaion of Acoustic Wave Propagation

R. Iwatsu(Tokyo Denki UNIV.), H. Tsuru
ICSV13, Vienna, CDROM (2006)

Acoustic Identification of Material by Oblique Incident Wave

H. Tsuru, D. Sekito, I. Yamamoto(JAMSTEC), T. Sawa(JAMSTEC)
Techno Ocean 2006, Kobe, CDROM (2006)

Impulse response measurement system and its recent applications

K. Takashima, H. Nakagawa, N. Tanaka, D. Sekito
4th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and theAcoustical Society of Japan, (2006)