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Technical Papers and Presentations 2005

BEM Calculation and Experiment of Radiation Efficiency of Small Buzzer Optimized Design of Resonator for Emergency Buzzer

H. Tsuru, Y. Matsuzoe(Fuji Electric Advanced Technology)
ICSV12, Lisbon, CD-ROM (2005)

Sound Propagtion Simulation by Finite Differerence Time Domain(FDTD) with Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) Boundary Condition through Compact Finite Difference Scheme

H. Tsuru, M.Kon, Y.Matsuzoe(Fuji Electric Advanced Technology) ICSV12, Lisbon, CD-ROM (2005)

Analysis and Error Investigation using Duhamel's efficient calculation of sound field produced by moving source

H.Nakajima, H.Tsuru, S.Ogata(National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory) Internoise2005 poster1500 p97 (2005)