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Room acoustic simulation

Room acoustic simulation

Using computer simulation software is a useful technique for checking the reverberation (echo) and the acoustic disturbance in a room during the design phase.
Nihon Onkyo Engineering uses the acoustic design support software, to analyze the sound field in a room. This software is based on geometric acoustic theory to calculate the reverberation time such as a music hall. The software allows us to check acoustic impediments such as echo, to visualize reflected paths and sound pressure distributions, and to predict various acoustic physical indexes such as clarity in order to provide numerical analysis for improving room acoustics when designing room.

Example of sound propagation paths
Room impulse response


Without installing sound absorptive materials, due to the reverberation of a large space, the announcement may not be heard clearly. For such case, we can check the speech intelligibility using auralization using simulation technique.
Sometimes it is required to calculate the multiple reflections to simulate the room acoustics precisely. Our simulation software makes calculations of such higher order reflected sounds possible.
Note: Size of entrance hall: W 29 m × D 12 m × H 7.5 m

Sound diagram of small reflection order

Sound propagation diagram up to
160 msec with 3rd order of reflections

Sound diagram of large reflection order

Sound propagation diagram up to
160 msec with 18th order of reflections

Wave-based acoustic simulation

Simulated results of sound pressure level distribution in 80 Hz in listening room The boundary element method (BEM) based on wave equation can be used to simulate the sound field of a small space such as a recording or MA studios. We are examining to improve the unevenness on the frequency response at low frequency by predicting the eigen mode frequency and mode shape. Accurate results have been obtained by using a database of the acoustic properties of materials.

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