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Acoustic consulting

In order to make a more satisfactory plan, it is important to hold an adequate number of hearings between owners and designers, to present acoustic specifications clearly, and to share the goal of final acoustic field.

Movie theaters

Nihon Onkyo Engineering offers various consultations including acoustic designing, planning, renewal, and sound quality improvements for cinema complexes, established movie theaters, theater rooms, and other locations.

Live music venues

Consultations offer range from layout to acoustic planning for live music venues. Our plans also take into consideration sound leakage to neighboring areas in order to ensure efficient venue operation.


Nihon Onkyo Engineering offers acoustic consultations for a variety of studios, including TV and radio studios as well as recording and editing studios.

Housing complexes

Nihon Onkyo Engineering performs a variety of measurements for housing complex planning, including for noise and vibration, window insulation, and construction work noise.


Recent trends in office building designs include open spaces capable of accommodating flexible plans with rooms divided by simple partition walls. As tenants move in and the facility begins to take on a more complex shape, problem related to sound are more likely to occur. At Nihon Onkyo Engineering, we inspect and investigate such problems in order to offer appropriate countermeasures.


Although schools traditionally rarely took sound into account, this trend has begun to change recently with the introduction of the open classrooms and the promulgation of design guidelines and conservation standards relating to the acoustic environment of school facilities. Nihon Onkyo Engineering offers inspections and measurement as well as planning consultations related to sound in school facility design.


Urban hotels are often located close to railways, subways, and major thoroughfares in order to offer transportation convenience. This, however, has the adverse effect of various external noises. In addition, hotels also often include event spaces and fine dining, requiring consideration for a variety of sound problems.

Other acoustic consulting

In addition to the above, we also offer acoustic consulting for music halls, conference rooms, gymnasiums and auditoriums, classrooms, practice rooms for pianos and other instruments, home theaters, and more.
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