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Continuous still-image measurement system

Aircraft model identification and flight route monitoring using images

Nihon Onkyo Engineering's SoundLapse continuous still-image measurement system is capable of determining the model and route of aircraft by continuously recording still images using a high-sensitivity, high-resolution camera.

The need for model identification and automatic flight path measurement

Continuous still-image measurement systems can be useful for obtaining operation information--such as flight records and routes--at military airfields and other locations where information is not easily accessible. Although generated aircraft noise varies greatly depending on an aircraft's model and course, obtaining operation data is not possible when it comes to military airfields. As such, conventional identification of models and flight courses are troublesome and time-consuming, for example requiring a continuous presence of inspectors for visual confirmation.
With the continuous still-image measurement system, still images are captured with a camera every second, allowing for model and flight course identification without the need for an operator.
Moreover, continuous capturing of still images performed in conjunction with noise measurement using an automatic aircraft noise measurement device makes it possible to ascertain the model and flight course for each noise event. Continuous capturing of still images from a position where the boundary of a set no-fly zone can be viewed from the side also makes it possible to monitor compliance along a determined route.
Finally, ultra-high sensitivity cameras capable of recording still images brighter than what can be seen with the naked eye have become available in recent years, opening the door to the possibility of identifying aircraft models even at night (a task that has been technically difficult to achieve).

Operation example in low frequency sound measurement system

To create correct data according to the model of the aircraft (low-frequency sound source) when obtaining basic data from a model identification system using low-frequency sound, a continuous still-image measurement system is used. Conventional methods for aircraft model identification such as this required continual observation performed by actual inspectors. However, the amount of collected data for a given week did not always meet expectations due to periods where visual observation was not possible, such as in bad weather, or if no flights occurred, such as for military airfields. These and similar reasons are why using Nihon Onkyo Engineering's continuous still-image measurement system allows for more efficient collection of basic data through automated measurement over an extended period of time (approx. one month).

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