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About Meleon

Meleon is an interior furniture that provides acoustic functionality, usability, and as well as outstanding design. To arrange room acoustics, it has been known that intensive interior work is required, such as installing lots of acoustic materials. We have developed Meleon that enables anyone to install and improve, as well as achieving both acoustic functionality and sophisticated design.

Due to spreading Covid-19, remote working has become much popular and communication using the internet is increasing. However, for smooth communication, it is not enough to prepare network environment only.
We have been heard these opinions.

  • Due to poor acoustic quality, sometimes it became difficult to communicate.
  • Inefficient because sometimes it is required to ask and talk repeatedly

Recently, since the digital technology of communication the devices has been improved, the devices have been developed and became popular, that are preventing sound distortion and performing frequency correction automatically to make conversations easier. However, it is not easy to restore the sound affected by reverberation or reflection of the room. Speech intelligibility increasing is caused by the reflected sound from walls and ceilings and being interfered with the direct sound.

We have developed Meleon, which has the function to improve the quality of the sound reflected from the wall. Meleon does not reduce unnecessary reflected sound only, but it improves the quality of the reflected sound itself as well, so you can hear what you should be heard. Meleon helps to create an environment that is easy to talk and communicate each other.

Three components of Meleon

Meleon along the wall

Meleon - Shelf

Meleon - Shelf

Meleon - Shelf is an item having openings for AGS and Filler (sound absorbing unit). It is carefully designed so that the acoustic effects of the installed items are not impaired. By combining several shelves, it is possible to control the acoustics in a wide area. It can also be used for displaying plants and your favorite items.

Meleon - Filler

Meleon - Filler

We have prepared two types of Meleon - Fillers, "leather type" and "fabric type", which have different sound absorbing characteristics. The thickness is designed to 125 mm, which is five times of the normal ones, and we selected the suitable material and structure so that it can control a wide range of sound.

Meleon - AGS

Meleon - AGS

Our original products "Acoustic Grove System (AGS)", which has a combination of wooden columns, has been designed exclusively for "Meleon". Despite its compact shape, the sound quality can be improved with the crisp low-frequency response and the precise ambience at the mid to high frequency range.



Utilizing acoustic technology for professionals

Enables to design room acoustics by combining Meleon items

You can control the room acoustics by combining the three items, Meleon - Shelf, Meleon - Filler, and Meleon - AGS.

Meleon - Fillers are available in leather and fabric type which have different sound absorption characteristics, respectively. The difference in sound absorption characteristics is depending on the combination of items.

  • Shelf only
  • Shelf with AGS and leather type Fillers
  • Shelf with AGS and fabric type Fillers
sound absorption coefficient

In case of using the fabric type Filler, you can see that the sound absorption coefficient of the mid to high frequency range, around 250Hz to 5kHz, becomes high. The primary component of human voice is located around these frequency range. With installing a fabric type Fillers, the reflected sound at mid to high frequency from the wall or ceiling become softer and making it easier to hear. Especially in a space where many people talk simultaneously, such as a conference room, the problem in speech intelligibility can be resolved, and communication becomes easier.

On the other hand, when using a leather type Fillers, it is effective at low frequencies, especially 100 Hz to 250 Hz. Compared to the fabric type Fillers, it has good capabilities of low frequency sound absorption. Leather type Fillers are effective to improve booming at low frequency bands, which is a typical problem in small spaces.

Meleon - AGS is a special design edition of our original products "Acoustic Grove System (AGS)" for Meleon. The sound quality can be improved with the crisp low-frequency response and the precise ambience at the mid to high frequency range. Despite being indoors, it provides a comfortable sound environment as if you were in a forest.
Acoustic effects by the Acoustic Grove System (AGS)

Installing more Meleon - AGS units, the space can be more comfortable.

Meleon, which is enabled to combine with sound absorptive, reflective, and diffusive characteristics, can be moved and removed easily. Any time you can arrange it as you like according to the change of room usage. We have a rich design variation, so you can create an original room acoustics environment that meets your preference.

Natural sound environment created by Meleon

In a space without acoustic adjustment, strong reflected sound from the wall is observed. The reflected sound interferes with the direct sound. Due to this interference, it yields space in which conversation is difficult to hear.

We used SoundGraphy, which has been developed for sound visualization, and observed the change of reflection according to Meleon configurations.

SoundGraphy experiment setup
[without Meleon]
The entire wall is displayed in red, and you can see that there is a strong reflected sound. This area is very difficult to listen and talk there.
[Meleon - Shelf only]
The read area becomes smaller than nothing is installed along the wall. Just simply installing the Meleon - Shelf will diffuse and reduce the reflected sound power, making conversations easier.
[Meleon - Shelf and Meleon - Filler]
The sound absorptive function of Meleon - Filler is added, and the communication becomes much easier in the room.
[Meleon - Shelf, Meleon - Filler and Meleon AGS]
Compared to the previous three cases, almost no red part is remaining, and you can see that the Meleon - AGS naturally scatters the sound and can avoid harmful specular reflection from the wall.

In a room, the sound emitted from a sound source such as human voice and the reflected sound reflected from walls and ceilings are happening in the space simultaneously. From this experimental examination, we can see that the installation of Meleon helps to reduce the strong reflection from the wall.
Another advantage of Meleon is its flexibility. By changing the combination of items, such as increasing or decreasing the Meleon - Shelfs, it is possible to change room acoustic characteristics according to objectives and usages.

Helps to design room interior with Meleon's abundant variations

Meleon Shelf, Filler and AGS have a rich color variation, respectively. It is possible to set up more than 500 combinations of these, and you can enjoy coordination that matches the objectives of space, such as restaurants, hotel lounges, and office meeting rooms.

Meleon is designed slimer than traditional room acoustic adjustment equipment and is designed for easy installation. To install Meleon, no special installation work is required. You can install, change, or arrange them by yourself easily.

Offices and Home Offices

Helps to design a space for conversation where easy to hear and speak

Hotels and Lounges

Provides rich atmosphere, and a relaxing sound environment


Makes enjoyable space for foods and drink as well as conversation

Public Spaces

Provides comfortable space for everyone

We considered its design especially. Many products for adjusting room acoustics have been sold so far. Some of them have good acoustic functionalities, but most of them seemed to have no consideration for design.

And by combining the three items of Shelf, AGS, and Filler, we have created Meleon that can also be used as an interior furniture. Meleon has a wide variety of colors, so you can enjoy coordination according to the purpose of the space and season.

Meleon that has both acoustic functionality and sophisticated design enables anyone to install and improve easily. We aimed to make design merges in the space of any room. It's like Chameleon adapt to suit the situation at hand. The words -Melody and On (Music is called "ONGAKU" in Japanese) are hidden in "Meleon". Although it is furniture, Meleon arranges room sound and we feel as if it plays beautiful melody naturally.

"Space with good sound" is not required in special places such as recording studios and theaters only, it is required in the spaces where we spend time every day, such as offices and living spaces as well. We are convincing that a good acoustic environment can improve QOL, the quality of life. We want to contribute to improve your QOL through our product and service such as Meleon.


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