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Sound adjustment/measurement

The necessity of sound adjustment

As a final step in sound construction, it is necessary to perform fine adjustment of the acoustic interior by measuring the acoustics and previewing sounds both during and after construction to ensure the sound field is as desired. At Nihon Onkyo Engineering, we call this "sound adjustment." The goal of sound adjustment is to ensure that the created sound field is a good match between the acoustic system and the architectural acoustics.
While various room acoustic indexes can be measured through advanced digital processing, the sound image including localization and crispness cannot yet be defined by physical indexes. It is often the case that, even though slight changes in the direction of monitor speakers or in the amount of sound-absorption material used greatly affects localization and sound stage, the transmission frequency characteristics are hardly affected.
This is evidence that, ultimately, judging the sound field with one's own ears is most important. At Nihon Onkyo Engineering, we utilize our vast expertise acquired through various sound adjustment projects as a resource for our design work.

Planning stage review

Before any other work begins, we first ensure adequate discussion and listening sessions are performed to ascertain a customer's ideal sound field. All subsequent work is then based on and intended to create this shared sound image. These initial reviews help us to determine the sound image, which cannot be shared only through numerical values and blueprints, and to confirm the direction of the acoustic design. This will then allow us to decide the basic conditions of the sound field. We believe that these initial discussions and listening sessions are essential for both us and customers in order to create the desired sound field.

Intermediate sound adjustment/measurement

During the actual construction work, we will confirm the acoustic performance in accordance with the construction progress and ensure that no problems have begun to arise. We refer to this work as "intermediate adjustment." Intermediate adjustment includes confirmation of nearly complete acoustic interiors by measuring such factors as reverberation time and transmission frequency characteristics. Through listening sessions, we adjust the arrangement of sound-absorption material, diffusers, and other factors in order to tune the room in anticipation of the completed sound field. We also may ask to check the sound together with customers using the speakers that will be regularly used at the site and while listening to a music source that will be actually used at the site. Confirming the sound image, which can be affected by numerous factors including the arrangement of the building interior and the angle of the speakers, is an important process to perform together in order to design the customer's ideal sound field.

Final sound adjustment/measurement

Upon completion of the work and after completion of the wiring and installation of the system equipment, a final adjustment of the entire system will be performed before measuring the system for final acceptance.
In reproduction environments, we will adjust the transmission frequency characteristics from each channel speaker to the listening point. The final adjustment process at Nihon Onkyo Engineering not only includes the overall characteristics of the monitoring system and the transmission path (the indoor sound field) from the speaker to the ear but also takes into account the electrical system, including consoles and amplifiers, and the characteristics of individual speakers and other factors.
After establishing an acceptable balance through acoustic measurement, we will get together with the final user to perform auditory tuning that cannot be easily expressed through physical characteristics.
By providing technical proposals from both perspectives of the physical aspects of sound and the actual listening aspect, Nihon Onkyo Engineering aims to create an acoustic space that satisfies customers' imaginations.

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