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SoundGraphy: acoustic camera on your hand

photo: SoundGraphy

New Features

  • sound and video recorder
  • post processing
  • exporting movie

What is acoustic camera?

photo: visualizing sound by SoundGraphy

"We can hear the sound or noise, but we cannot identify where it is coming from..."
"If sound could be visualized like thermography ..."
SoundGraphy is an acoustic camera for visualizing sound that we developed it considering these needs from customers.

Incredibly Small and Lightweight

photo: measurement with SoundGraphy

SoundGraphy is a compact acoustic camera that we developed from the concept that can use anytime, at anywhere and by anyone.

Comparing with conventional sound source visualization equipment that have been used in laboratories for research and development purposes, SoundGraphy is very small and light weight. SoundGraphy can be used at plant, site, and field where is requiring portability and rapid setup.

Simple Configuration

illustration: connection diagram of SoungGraphy

Don't worry about complex wiring works! SoundGraphy is composed with three units, spherical sensor, processing unit and tablet PC. Spherical sensor and processing unit is connected with a USB cable, and communication between processing unit and tablet PC is made with wireless LAN.

How SoundGraphy visualize the sound?

photo: measurement with SoundGraphy

Spherical sensor of SoundGraphy features sixteen microphones and a camera. SoundGraphy can visualize the sound as colormap with superimposing on the image taken by camera. The sound pressure levels corresponding to the directions are calculated with the analysis based on sound pressure amplitude and phase differences between microphones.

Supporting both AA battery and portable charger

photo: batteries

Don't worry about power supply at field! SoundGraphy works with AA batteries or portable charger for mobiles.

Why spherical sensor?

photo: Spherical Sensor

One of the advantages of SoundGraphy is its spherical sensor, which can be used at the site with many noise sources and the confined space where the reflection from the walls and machine cannot be ignored.

On the other hand, conventional sound visualization equipment is using planar sensor which is designed to distribute the microphone on a plane. This type of sensor can be used in the field without or less sound reflections like anechoic chamber. But, for analysis, it is assuming that the sound sources are located in front of the sensor only, so it shows inappropriate results when it is used in the field where the many noise sources are surrounding or has severe reflections.

Simple and intuitive application software

photo: application software1
photo: application software2
photo: application software3

Application software of SoundGraphy is designed very simple and easy to use like other applications on smartphones.

Four functions requested from Genba

SoundGraphy has four primary functions

  1. Real-time analysis...
    Displaying real-time sound images in Genba
  2. Sound and video Recorder...
    Recording all data in Genba for post processing
  3. Post-processing...
    Allowing analysis after back to your office
  4. Exporting video and images...
    Creating images and videos and share with your teams

Can use this newest application any time

illustration: application software icon

Users of SoundGrapy can download the up to date application software from our website and can use the latest functions.

for various noise problem

Identifying noise source location

photo: Identifying noise source location

Identifying primary noise sources in plant

photo: Identifying primary noise sources in plant

Verifying noise countermeasures

Before countermeasures
photo: Before countermeasures
After installation of soundproofing panels
photo: After installation of soundproofing panels

Working with other measuring equipment

Sound Level Meter

photo: SoundGraphy and Sound Level Meter

SoundGraphy works as an acoustic camera, however it is not certificated as the sound level meter which is designed to measure the sound pressure levels. On the other hand, sound level meter cannot visualize the sound like SoundGraphy. When we use SoundGraphy and sound level meter together, noise survey and countermeasure work become efficient.

Moreover, spherical sensor of SoundGraphy can be mounted on the tripod which is available in the market commonly, like sound level meter.

Microphone Traverse

photo: Microphone Traverse

Sometimes you may need to go the place to measure the sound where the human access is restricted. For this case, NOE's microphone traverse system is useful. You can go out from restricted area and can visualize the sound with moving position of spherical sensor with remote controller of the microphone traverse system. The weight of spherical sensor of SoundGraphy is 200g only and which is within applicable load of microphone traverse system.



Number of Microphones 16
Number of Cameras 1
Number of LED Lights 2
Mounting Screw 1/4-20UNC
Dimensions diameter: 100 mm
Weight 200 g
Process Unit
Dimensions 75mm × 135mm × 35mm
Weight 214 g (without batteries)
Power Supply AA battery x 4 pcs or DC 5V 2A
Communication Wireless LAN
Complying Standards IEEE 802.11a/n or g/n
Supported Encryption WPA2-PSK
Community of Sensor and Process Unit
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 °C
Operating Humidity 90% or lower, without condensation


Sound Pressure Level Display Bandwidth: 1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/9 or 1/12 octave band
Frequency range: 100 to 8,000 Hz and Over All (OA)
Noise Source Identification
Colormap Display
NSI Method: Beamforming
Bandwidth: 1/1 or 1/3 octave band
Frequency range:
1,000 to 4,000 Hz (1/1 octave band)
630 to 5,000 Hz (1/3 octave band)
Frequency Weighting A,C or Z
Time Weighting 0.05 to 20 s
0.125 s (Fast) and 1.0 s (Slow) are included
Time Resolution 8 frames / s
Languages Japanese or English
Recording Time 32 s for each session
Supported Exporting
File Formats
Still pictures: JPEG
Movie: MP4 (Android), AVI (Windows)
Operating Systems Android 5.1 to 7.0 or
Windows 10

SoundGraphy is registered trademark of Nihon Onkyo Engineering Public Company.

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