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Acoustic Grove System

The Acoustic Grove System columnar diffuser is designed to provide a sensation of an endless space akin to what one would feel in a forest. When considering the ideal sound field, a forest with row upon row of innumerable trees is said to provide a space with crisp lower frequencies and rich middle to high frequencies. With a lengthy list of achievements in studio construction both in Japan and overseas, and with acoustic simulation technology cultivated over many years, we at Nihon Onkyo Engineering focused on the acoustics of such a forest in developing our new room-tuning mechanism, the Acoustic Grove System (AGS) (patent/design registered).

Acoustic effects produced by the Acoustic Grove System (AGS)

At only 60 cm deep, the AGS is a room-tuning device designed to bring out natural, genuine sounds while maintaining the desired quality with crisp lower frequencies.

Control of low-frequency standing waves

The AGS suppresses standing waves--otherwise known as "room reverberation", problematic especially in smaller rooms--and provides crisp lower frequencies.

Preventing adverse effects in intense reflected sound waves

The AGS prevents intense reflected sound waves that cause colorations and distributions by scattering incident sound waves evenly from low to high frequencies.

Control over sound-absorption characteristics according to the application

Thanks to its ability to control a room's sound-absorption ability over a wide frequency band, the AGS can be used to control sound-absorption power tailored specifically for that room to ensure no losses in listening pleasure.

AGS installation examples

The AGS has been adopted in major broadcast studios throughout Japan.

Acoustic Grove System – SYLVAN

"SYLVAN" products provide the key essence of AGS in a compact package.

Acoustic Grove System – ANKH

ANKH products offer interior design appeal in addition to the essence of AGS.

Acoustic Grove System – ANKH-II (Corner ANKH)

Specially designed for installation in room corners, ANKH-II products bring out high acoustic effects from low to medium and high frequencies.

Acoustic Grove System – ANKH-III

In addition to being small and easy to install, ANKH-III products provide the sound field with a stereoscopic effect that eliminates distortion in the middle- and high-frequency ranges.

Acoustic Grove System – ANKH-IV (Ceiling corner type)

Installing ANKH-IV products in ceiling corners greatly expands the sound field and increases the sense of depth.

Acoustic Grove System – ANKH-V (Ceiling-to-wall corner type)

Designed for installation where the ceiling and wall meet--a location that effects the quality of a room's sound field--ANKH-V products improve spatial localization while enhancing the soundscape of the music source.

Acoustic Grove System – ANKH-VI (Floor type)

The ANKH-VI further enhances the potential musicality of audio equipment and grand pianos.

List of shops with listening spaces

Click here to review a list of shops where you can buy or hear SYLVAN and ANKH products.

New AGS sound field proposals from Nihon Onkyo Engineering

In addition to acoustic spaces for instrumental performances, audio playback, and music production, a good sound space can enhance the quality of any work, play, or living space.

Sound Laboratory Listening Room

Experience the innovative sound space offered by AGS. Click here to submit your application (reservation required):

AGS-related Q&A

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