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Other Various Measurement Systems

Quality control of the product and room acoustic evaluations

Photo of acoustic measurement system

Nihon Onkyo Engineering offers the measurement systems for evaluating acoustical characteristics in various fields, including a measurement system for noise from machines, the system for evaluating and auralizing room acoustics.

Sound Power Level Measurement System

This system measures the sound power level generated from various machines in an anechoic room.

Head-Related Transfer Function Measurement System

This system measures the head related transfer function automatically, which is the response from source to the ears from various directions around the listener's head.

Impulse Response Measurement SystemDiscontinued products

This system measures impulse responses for determining the reverberation time and various physical evaluations of room acoustics.

Physical Room Acoustic Parameter Analysis SystemDiscontinued products

This software calculates the reverberation time and various room acoustical parameters from measured impulse responses.
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