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Nihon Onkyo Engineering sound source detection

What is sound source detection?

Sound source identification technology aims to specify where a sound is being generated.
 In the effort to reduce noise, rather than the countermeasures on the propagating path such as sound insulation with the big and log barriers, the countermeasures that address the noise source itself offer more effective reduction with small treatment. Nihon Onkyo Engineering's noise source identification technology was developed with the goal of achieving this objective efficiently.
 Before noise source identification technology can be put to use, various tasks must be made to identify the root cause of noise. For example, in past, to identify the noise source in a factory, all of the production lines must be stopped completely and individual measurements carried out for each machine. Otherwise, identifying the machine contributing to the noise was impossible. For another case, in trying to make the interior of a car as quiet as possible, if the noise sources have not identified and classified, eliminating the cabin noise will be time-consuming and will tend to be too much, making it difficult to achieve light-weight configuration for less fuel consumption. The sound source identification technology has possibilities to improve these situations. The use of sound source identification technology significantly reduces the number of required tests and prototypes, allowing noise reductions to be achieved at lower costs and in a shorter time.
In 2002, Nihon Onkyo Engineering became the first to develop sound source identification and visualization technology that could be used on-site. This technology has been used by a wide variety of customers. Generally, configuration of a sound source identification system is complicated and time for setting up is time consuming. However, Noise Vision has simple and efficient system configuration and can start up within several minutes. Noise Vision is indispensable for anyone considering noise countermeasures.

Quick setup

Since the measurement time on site is limited, it is very important to set up the equipment within short period. Noise Vision offers very quick setup to start measurement quickly on site.

Display results in just a few minutes after measurement

Designed exclusively for sound source identification, the software includes an extremely easy-to-use interface for engineers. The software also includes a function that allows the location of a sound source to be visualized in real time, ensuring thorough visualization even for transient phenomena.

World-recognized "omnidirectional" sound source exploration and visualization (Patented in the USA, EU countries, South Korea, and Japan)

Nihon Onkyo Engineering's omnidirectional sound source identification technology is able to reliably capture the source of noise in any location and wherever the sound is coming from. Having granted patents internationally, Noise Vision is the world's first omnidirectional sound source identification system. With the ability to record sound and video simultaneously, the sensor is designed for displaying the image of a sound source superimposed into the captured photo perfectly, ensuring no extra work is required.

Easy to share the measured results

Measurement results can easily be shared with others as PowerPoint files or animations. It becomes easy to recognize the noise improvement visually, which is Not only does this make noise phenomena visually understandable even for those who are not sound specialists, but changes in specifications can also be applied more rapidly.

Enhanced processing functions

For many systems, measurement is easy, while post-processing is time-consuming and complicated. With Noise Vision, summarizing recorded results is simple. Among its many abilities, Noise Vision is able to extract and play back the sound from the specific sound source from the recorded sound pressure. Moreover, it is able to eliminate the influence of stronger noise sources in order to discover the hidden noise sources. (Patent pending)

Enhanced support

Nihon Onkyo Engineering utilizes Noise Vision for consultations and engineering services. From measuring factory noise to ensuring product noise reductions, we are supporting customers with engineering in mind.