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Psychoacoustic Test System Shinji (Technical listening training)

Psychoacoustic test system "Shinji"

Photo of example system configurationThe "Shinji" supports measurement of the psychological aspects of sound.
The "Shinji" system includes application software for managing psychoacoustic sound measurements and a computer system running Shinji software, an audio interface for presenting the sound stimulus to the subjects, and response terminals for collecting responses from subjects.

General procedure of psychoacoustic measurement of sound using "Shinji"

  1. 1. Measurement planning
  2. 2. Sound material preparation

    Prepare sound material (sound files) to be presented to the subject as the stimulus.

  3. 3. Sound stimulus list creation

    Register the sound material (sound files) to be used for measurement.

  4. 4. Playback schedule creation

    Configure the presentation patterns of sound stimuli, the number of measurement trials, the sound stimulation to be reproduced for each trial, the subject's allowable response time, and other settings.

  5. 5. Measurement parameter configuration

    Configure the feedback information for the subject according to the measurement content and the response button settings.

  6. 6. Measurement

    Play sound stimuli according to the playback schedule and collect subject responses for each trial.

  7. 7. Results output

    Summarize, display, and save the results.

  8. 8. Measurement results analysis

    Analyze the measurement results of the "Shinji" system using statistical-processing software.

"Technical listening training" for raising sensibility to sound

"Technical listening training" is an innovative educational program designed for sound engineers to implement sound-sensitivity rapidly in a systemized manner. "Shinji" systems can be used for carrying out technical listening training. In a wide range of field, like Musicians, musical instrument tuners and recording engineers, also noise-control engineers and the engineers for developing audio equipment, we can meet many experienced engineers who have excellent capabilities to listen the sounds and show these differences exactly. They are so-called "golden ears". However it takes very long time to obtain such capability through daily work. Technical listening training courses are educational programs designed to allow such individuals to develop such capabilities in as rapid as possible.

"Listening tests" investigating the relationship between physical quantities and psychological impressions

Photo of experiment of response aggregation with headphones and a PDAThe "Shinji" system supports listening tests for investigating the rules between the physical quantities and psychological impressions of sound. Various systematized experimental methods have been established as hearing tests for a variety of purposes. The system supports a number of experimental methods including paired comparison, series categorization, semantic differential, and more.

System configuration

[Hardware configuration]
Host computer Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Response terminal Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Audio interface Built-in host computer sound card (*1), etc.
Other equipment Audio equipment for sound reproduction (amplifiers, speakers, etc.), LAN (*2), various connection cables and other cables
[Software configuration]
Host software "Shinji" host application software for Windows
Basic functions
Creation and execution functions for sound stimulation sound-reproduction schedules
Subject questionnaire function
Subject information management function (including data collecting functions on response terminals)
Technical listening training function
Functions for measurement planning/execution, results management, etc., for technical listening training
Listening test function (*3)
Functions for measurement planning/execution, results management, etc., for listeing tests
Semantic differential module
Paired comparison / series categorization module
Magnitude estimation module
Response terminal software "Shinji" response terminal application software for Windows
Basic functions
Communication with host computer
Subject questionnaire function
Data interviewer user interface for subject information
Technical listening training function
Technical listening training response collection
Hearing test function
Hearing test response collection
Semantic differential module
Paired comparison / series categorization module
Magnitude estimation module

*1: A high-quality sound card is recommended to ensure the reliability of measurement results.
*2: Depending on the usage environment, devices such as switching hubs may be required. In addition, a wireless LAN access point, wireless LAN card, and other devices may be required for use in a wireless LAN environment.
*3: Other methods for psychophysical measurement (subject measurement method, limit method, PEST method, etc.) are also available. Only one response terminal will be available for measurement with such methods.
*4: The "Shinji" system does not include statistical processing software for processing measured results.
*5: "Shinji" systems are provided with basic functions and the availability of optional functions (modules). Systems can be configured as desired according to the purpose.

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