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Company History

Company History

March 1972Establishment of Nition Co., Ltd.
April 1974Establishment of Nittobo Acoustic Engineering Co., Ltd. (Renamed from Nition Co., Ltd. with commercial rights inherited from the Acoustic Construction Division of the Construction Materials Department, Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd.)
August 1984Installation of experiment room
April 1990Installation of acoustic experiment facilities (anechoic room)
April 1991Relocation of administration section (general affairs and construction)
April 1992Installation of acoustic presentation room
July 1992Establishment of Osaka Branch
September 1998Establishment of Osaka Branch Technical Department
June 1999Increase of capital from 15 million JPY to 30 million JPY
November 2003Acquisition of ISO 9001, 14001 certification (Technical Department)
June 2005Establishment of Acoustic R&D facility
June 2007Establishment of Acoustic R&D facility Annex
October 2008Establishment of Nagoya Branch
October 2009Installation of Listening Room (Sound Laboratory)
April 2015Shareholder change from Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd. to Hibino Corporation
July 2015Corporate name change from Nittobo Acoustic Engineering Co., Ltd. to Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
January 2018Establishment of subsidiary NOE Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand
November 2018Establishment Fukuoka Branch
August 2019Completes acqisition of SANOH CORPORATION as subsidiary


1997Good Design Award (Facilities Division): Fun House Sapporo Studio
1998The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Award (Technology Division): Vertically inclined cyclorama with enhanced acoustics (Fuji Television)
1999The Acoustical Society of Japan's 7th Technological Development Prize: Technical Listening Training System, CD-ROM Shinji Personal Edition
2004The Acoustical Society of Japan's 12th Technological Development Prize: "Noise Vision" Omnidirectional Sound Source Identification System
200417th Nikkei New Office Prize (Progress Prize): Headquarter and studios of J-Wave, Inc.
2009Audio Excellence Award, Extra Award for Product Planning: SYLVAN High-Quality Room Tuning Audio Accessory for Audiophiles
2009MJ Technology of the Year 2009, Speaker section: NES Mini; Audio Accessory Section: SYLVAN
2010Audio Accessory Award, Room Tuning Section (Gold Prize): ANKH
2011The Acoustical Society of Japan's 19th Technological Development Prize: AGS (Acoustic Grove System)
2011Architectural Institute of Japan, Tohoku Architecture Award: Tsuruoka Machinaka Kinema
2012MPTE Awards
2012Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan, Inc. Technological/Development Prize, Special Jury Prize: Tsuruoka Machinaka Kinema
2019Good Design Award (Music Studio): Studio Tanta