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Simulation software

Nihon Onkyo Engineering's acoustic simulation software combines functions that meet the needs of the customer with advanced numerical analysis technology. The software is also utilized in our acoustic consulting, and through feedback resulting from this usage, we have been able to develop the software further more user-friendly. In addition, our simulation software is based on an improved algorithm with accuracy verified through actual measurements, experimental results, and other factors. Our general-purpose simulator is based on geometrical acoustics considering practical capacities of PC and size of the analysis target. We also develop more sophisticated wave-based acoustic simulation using the finite difference time domain (FDTD) and boundary element method (BEM).

GEONOISE noise-prediction software

This software is designed to predict noise propagation. GEONOISE is able to perform high-accuracy analysis of the three-dimensional paths of reflected sound and diffracted sound. Prediction accuracy has been verified through various means, including comparison of measured values and scale model experiments. Providing analysis for a variety of applications, including factory noise control and prediction of railway and road traffic noise.

Analysis of sound propagation routesRIMAGE room acoustic design support software

RIMAGE is designed for room acoustics design such as in music halls. Entering the 3D shape of the room allows for accurate calculations of even higher-order reflections. In addition to reverberation time, RIMAGE can be used to predict acoustic indicators such as D50 and C80.
Room acoustic auralization is also possible through convolution processing.

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