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SoundGraphy FAQ

Questions related to the product

Check FAQ related to specifications and usage.

Questions related to technology

Check FAQ related to technology used with SoundGraphy.

Questions related to installation

Check FAQ related to SoundGraphy installation and demonstrations.

Questions related to the product

What is SoundGraphy?

SoundGraphy is the sound visualization equipment which can display sound strength as colormap like thermography.

Does SoundGraphy work in dark?

SoundGraphy has two LED lights on the sensor and can be used for improving visibility.

How about the view angle of camera?

The horizontal view angle of the camera is about 71 degrees and the vertical view angle is about 59 degrees, respectively. In case of capturing objects on the plane 1m away, 1.4m x 1.3m area will be captured.

Can SoundGraphy use in noisy condition?

SoundGraphy can be used when the sound pressure level from target is larger than the background noise. In noisy condition, place the sensor closer to the target, change the location of the sensor, or change analysis frequency may yield better results.

What time is required to setup?

You can start measurement after one minute after you start setup.

Is calibration required?

Not necessary.

Can SoundGraphy work with iPad?

SoundGraphy is not supporting iOS now. Use with Windows or Android.

Can SoundGraphy use as sound level meter alternatives?

Sound level meter is displaying sound pressure level contributing from all directions around microphone. On the other hand, SoundGraphy can decompose sound contribution related to the locations. So, in this meaning, SoundGraphy and sound level meter can be considered as different equipment.

What kind of fixture can be used with SoundGraphy?

Any fixture having the screw same size as camera (1/4-20 UNC) can use.

Can we save the sound picture?

Yes, in JPEG format. You can save the image embedded with spectrum too.

Can other applications except SoundGraphy work to display the results of SoundGraphy measurement?

You can use any application software which can handle JPEG format.

Can I share or export the results from tablet PC?

Visualization results are saved as JPEG images, so it is very easy to share with removable media, e-mail and sharing with internet.

Can SoundGraphy application control several sensors?

No. SoundGraphy application can control only one sensor.

Questions related to technology

What is the method to visualize sound?

A kind of microphone array processing technique called beamforming method is applied. This method allows decomposing the sound strength in terms of different directions, and the decomposed strength is displayed as the color map.

Why many microphones are required?

Beamforming can be more accurate when we use more information. Especially at high frequency where the wavelength is small, we need many microphones with small spacings. SoundGraphy is extending high frequency limit with increasing number of microphones.

Why are the microphones located on opposite side of camera required?

SoundGraphy can use the spherical diffraction information by arranging the microphones on a sphere, making it possible to visualize the sound with a small microphone array with a diameter of 10 cm. The microphones located on the opposite side of the camera are important microphones that are designed to record the diffracted sound information of sphere.

Can we extend analysis frequency range lower or higher?

To extend to high frequency limit, many microphones are required locating closely. On the other hand, to extend to lower frequency limit, the microphone array shall be bigger. We are providing another product line named Noise Vision, which is using same spherical sensor, but frequency range is wider than SoundGraphy.

Does SoundGraphy have any limitations the distance from the sound source to sensor?

No. Just OK if the sound pressure level from target is louder than background noise.

How can we use SoundGraphy for machine diagnosis?

We need to prepare the visualizing results between normal and abnormal situations as references. Measured results are compared with these references and investigate the differences.

Questions related to installation

Where can I buy SoundGraphy?

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How about the warranty period?

Warranty period is one year after purchase.

Is product demonstration available?

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I would like to know the price.

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