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Quality and Environmental Policy

Our fundamental principles

We at Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co., Ltd. an acoustic engineering group adopt the following principles as our management concept.

  1. Contribution to society by providing superior technology
  2. Conduct honest and transparent business activities
  3. Pursuit of high quality

Our fundamental policy

  1. We intend to meet the demand of our customers and society by construction of the quality and environmental management system and its continuous operation to carry out continuous improvement of customer's satisfaction which is the objective of the system through an efficient operation.
    Moreover, by gasping the environmental influence of our business activities with precision, we declare to adhere to the environmental related laws and regulations and carry out the objectives and execution plan to achieve its continuous improvement.
  2. To achieve constant improvement, we declare the yearly emphasize policy as the top management which becomes as the framework to act purposefully. Furthermore, to realize this objective, the top will personally check going and attempt to promote it and periodically audit the operating condition and review it.
  3. As well as driving forward our work and research for quality improvement and environmental conservation, we actively offer our technical information relevant to reduction and prevention of Noise and Vibration.
  4. We execute quality and environmental education and get our policy through to all employees in the acoustic engineering group. Furthermore, we plan to improve and quality and environmental consciousness of employees by timely announcement of the useful information regarding quality and environment.
  5. We make our quality and environmental policy available to the public.

April 1, 2017
Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
Hidehiro Shizunaga, Representative Director