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Aircraft noise social response survey

Field research including social response surveys regarding aircraft noise

Graph comparison of physical quantity contour and quantitative response

Comparison of physical quantity contour and quantitative response

In recent years, international attention has become focused on the nuisance and health affects relating to noise exposure amounts. In particular, with the proliferation of offshore airports and an increase in late-night and early-morning flights caused by expansions in airport hours of operation, understanding the effects on residents becomes difficult using only conventional physical indicators. As such, Nihon Onkyo Engineering believes that the need to obtain direct responses from residents will increase in the future.

Aircraft noise social response survey

In Urayasu City in 2009, in response to initial flight path plans for aircraft landing on the newly established fourth runway of Haneda Airport, Nihon Onkyo Engineering conducted an environmental impact assessment survey focused on the influence of nighttime noise--an aspect of particular concern--on sleep. Whereas the degree of influence is generally difficult to convey in aircraft noise evaluations and sound pressure level values, this survey helped to shed light on the degree of influence by using easy-to-understand numerical values (how many people in the area were awakened by the noise). As a result of the survey, the nighttime path of flights coming in to land was moved to its present condition, farther away from land than initially designed.

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