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Housing complexes

Acoustic consulting for housing complexes

Nihon Onkyo Engineering offers acoustic consulting for entire process of developing the housing complexes, from noise and vibration measurement at the planning stage to window insulation inspections, assessment of subway noise, measurement of construction noise and vibration, measurements upon completion.
In this section, some of the services is introduced.

Measurement of road traffic noise and railway noise during planning

Noise measurement using balloons

When designing a housing complex, it is necessary to consider the sound insulation performance of windows if the building is located close to a main road, highway, or railway. This requires understanding the sound pressure level, which means measuring the noise generated from the road or railway.

Computer simulation of noise propagation

Prediction of noise distribution using computer simulation

For plans involving complicated building shapes or variations in the positional relationship between the planned building and the source of the noise, accurate predictions are not possible with considering the distance between noise source and building. Nihon Onkyo Engineering solves this problem by using computer simulations.
The simulation software we are using has been developed by ourselves and is able to take into consideration of reflected and diffracted components.

Sound insulation examination of window

Sound insulation calculation with consideration for values in each frequency band

At Nihon Onkyo Engineering, we examine the sound insulation of windows based on the measured noise levels.
In examining the sound insulation, our goal is to achieve a more precise examination by calculating the insulation using sound insulation performance provided by the manufacture.
When using a window with high sound insulation, sound leakage from ventilation registers must be considered. This is why sometimes we recommend the soundproof-type ventilation registers.
Recently the double glass window becomes popular for better heat insulation. However, from the acoustic point of view, the sound insulation performance of double glass window may not be the best, so sound insulation inspections are important.

Measurement of subway vibrations during planning

Vibration measurement using a multi-channel data recorder

If the planned site is locating near a subway route, consideration for the influence of structure-borne noise from the subway is necessary.
Examining structure-borne sound requires determination of the magnitude of the vibrations. To do so, we measure the subway vibrations in the ground at the planned site or within the existing building.

Examination of solid-borne sound caused by subway vibrations

Subway noise prediction

Nihon Onkyo Engineering investigates structure-borne noises caused by subway vibrations based on on-site subway vibrations measurements.
If the results exceed the target, we will assess whether installation of vibration-proof material is required in the underground foundation.

Creation of report

Measurement and analysis conforming to noise regulation

During construction, Nihon Onkyo Engineering measures construction work noise and vibrations based on the noise and vibration regulation laws.

Measurement upon completion

Measurement based on special specifications being implemented upon completion

Measurements upon completion relating to the acoustics of housing complexes mainly include the following.
These measurements are performed with compliance to the industrial standards.

  • Sound pressure level difference measurement between rooms
  • Floor impact sound pressure level measurement
  • Environmental noise measurement
  • Equipment noise measurement
  • Continuous noise measurement
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