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Example acoustic design flowchart

"Studio" includes various types, including recording studios, video editing studios, audio editing studios, television studios, and radio studios.
Television studios shall incorporate numerous sound rooms, making them a "full-course" studio function. The following flowchart illustrates the acoustic designing process for TV station as an example.

Example acoustic design flowchart for a TV station

Acoustic designing (1)

  1. Room arrangement planning
    Securing of the required number and size of rooms, smooth workflow planning, efficient interconnectivity between rooms
  2. Sound insulation planning
    1. Determining target rooms and noise level target
    2. Determining the noise levels in each noise propagation path < made by document investigation and actual measurement >
    3. Determining the soundproof specifications of doors, windows, shutters, etc.
    4. Anti-vibration planning and countermeasures for floor impact sound (structure-borne noise)
  3. Room acoustic planning
    1. Examining room shapes and dimensions
    2. Conceptualizing the desired sound field
  4. Electromagnetic shield planning
    Determining the electromagnetic shield grade, selecting shield materials, and investigating construction methods

Acoustic designing (2)

  1. Air-conditioning equipment design
  2. Electrical equipment planning
  3. Noise and vibrational countermeasures for other equipment
  4. Concretizing sound specification requirements
  5. Construction drawing checking

Checks at construction stage

  1. Acoustic checking during against various construction conditions
  2. Acoustic performance checking during construction (intermediate acoustic measurement)

Final inspections

  1. Inspection measurementPhoto of final constructionVerifying whether sound design goals have been met
  2. Acoustic tuning


  1. Reporting
  2. Verifying usage conditions after delivery

Preparation of data for use with future designs

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