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4-axis microphone positioning devices

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MT-4000 for rotation of microphones

Photo of MT-4000

The MT-4000 is an MT-3000 Series system with a free rotation device attached to the tip. Directing a microphone toward a measurement target when transforming the acoustic intensity probe axis or measuring sound power levels can be very time-consuming. The MT-4000, which is an extended MT-3000 TYPE 3 system featuring a rotating axis at the tip, allows computer control of changing direction of microphone and/or sound intensity probe.

MT-4000 specifications

Installation method Floor
Dimensions (max.) W2840 × H2570 × D2300 mm
Range of movement (max.) W2000 × H2000 × D1500 mm + 180° rotation of tip axis
Max. movement (rotation) speed 57 mm/sec, Tip axis: 10°/sec
Stop precision ±1 mm
Max. deflection ±5 mm (with 1.5 kg load)
Microphone holder For intensity probe
Weight 150 kg or less
Cable length 10 m
Controller dimensions W300 × H200 (incl. 15 mm for rubber legs) × D380 (mm)
Power consumption 100 VAC, 500 VA or less
Interface GPIB
Remarks Remote control available (optional)
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