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5-axis microphone positioning devices

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MTS-5 offering complete anechoic room coverage

Photo of MTS-5
The MTS-5 is a ceiling-suspended gantry microphone positioning device for full and hemi anechoic rooms. The MTS-5's ability to secure a wide movable area inside the room makes it possible to work with various measurement objects. Not limited to sound source identification, this device is also suitable for automatic sound power level measurement that requires positioning around a target. The MTS-5 can also be used for positioning of sound sources such as speakers.

MTS-5 specifications

Installation method Ceiling
Dimensions (max.) W6800 × H4800 × D6800 mm
Range of movement (max.) W5600 × H3500 × D5600 mm
Tip axis rotation Horizontal T-axis: 0 to 370°, Lifting U-axis: 0 to 180°
Max. movement (rotation) speed 57 mm/sec, Tip axis: 10°/sec
Stop precision ±2 mm
Max. deflection ±15 mm (with 1.5 kg load)
Weight 150 kg or less
Controller dimensions W430 × H221.5 × D380 mm
No. of controllers 2 total (1 for XYZ axes, 1 for TU axes)
Power consumption 100 VAC, 800 VA or less
Interface GPIB
Remarks Remote control available (optional, 1 for XYZ axes, 1 for TU axes)
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