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Products & Services

NOE is a team of professional engineers that specializes in 'Sound'. We make a proposal, plan, manufacture and deliver a consistent product and service according to the customer's needs.

Music & Broadcasting

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Even if the customer requests the highest acoustic quality and preference that is difficult to measure with a physical test, we can propose, design and create the space with great care to fulfill them. We give a proposal which focuses on the overall technology.


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Variety of products and services are prepared, such as the design and construction of the space for music or movies, consulting service for noise and vibration problem in housing complexes or industries, and so on.

Automotive & Transportation

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Not limited to producing the acoustic experimental laboratories, we offer various but consistent support for customers, such as development of measurement system, consulting of measurement and lab operations.

Electronics & Applicances

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We will meet the wide variety of needs from our customers such as manufacturers from home electric appliances like TV audio to office automation equipment, air conditioning equipment and industrial machines. Like listening rooms to find subtle differences in acoustical quality of audio equipments, fine room acoustic design, treatment and tuning from our experiences are required.

Aircraft Noise Measurement

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By using our original technology concerning aircraft noise measurement, a variety of automatic noise monitoring products have been developed and adopted for use around many Japanese airports. Furthermore, this technology makes the best use of the measurement and investigation services.

Audio Rooms & Musical Instrument Practice Rooms

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In recent years, a variety of noise problem has been talked about. Our results have been a cultivation of decades of experience in consulting, system development and the ability to solve problems with which our customers are confronted.