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Striving for efficient acoustic material development

Acoustic material development and STRATI-ARTZ

Acoustic material--material that serves function to control acoustics--generally provides functionalities for sound absorption, sound insulation, and vibration damping. Although initially used as building materials, acoustic material is used today for sound insulation of automobiles and aircraft, where the quiet and comfortable space is required.
The development of acoustic materials generally used to take a long time. In order to create designs with high-performance sound insulation or sound absorption while keeping the material thin and lightweight, designing the laminated construction of several materials is a key technology. However, predicting the acoustic performance of such laminated structure poses various technical difficulties.
Using Nihon Onkyo Engineering's STRATI-ARTZ simulation softwaremakes predicting the acoustic performance of such laminated structures possible quickly with high accuracy.

Database populating a variety of material, available for immediate use in acoustic material development

With SRATI-ARTZ, engineers get access to Nihon Onkyo Engineering's material database for use with simulations as well as annual updates. Parameters such as flow resistivity and tortuosity are necessary for simulation, which cannot be obtained through ordinary acoustic measurements. As such, the database includes the results using the latest measuring equipment developed by Nihon Onkyo Engineering. Users are also able to update the database by downloading the latest version online. Start developing acoustic material immediately by introducing STRATI-ARTZ.

Quick performance predictions in search of the optimum structure

Nihon Onkyo Engineering's STRATI-ARTZ simulation software is able to predict the acoustic performance of laminated structures quickly. STRATI-ARTZ can be used with material laminated freely, and the software is capable of predicting the material's acoustic characteristics, such as sound absorption coefficient (SAC) and sound transmission loss (STL), through simple operations. The software is able to predict changes in acoustic performance due to changes in material parameters easily. Simulations allow users to take full advantage of analysis to find the optimum structure that achieves quickly both low cost and superior acoustic performance, and to greatly reduce the number of prototypes that need to be produced.

From developments of the acoustic material to performance simulation installed into a vehicle

STRATI-ARTZ can be used for predicting and optimizing acoustic performance of laminated structures. The data exported from STRATI-ARTZ is compatible with Actran, which conducts finite element calculation to solve acoustic and vibro-acoustic problem. The combination of the two software do have various advantages, enabling to reduce calculation time of the complicated large simulation models like a vehicle with the optimized soundproofing construction.

Full support from Nihon Onkyo Engineering

Nihon Onkyo Engineering offers a wide range of services related to acoustic material development, from consulting and engineering services and acoustic performance analysis to the design and construction of acoustic laboratories. We also offer the measuring systems to determine the properties of acoustic materials. In the field of acoustic material development, Nihon Onkyo Engineering has many experiences working on the projects with major automobile manufactures and their suppliers.