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Piano/musical instrument practice rooms

Finding pleasure in playing

Photo of music sheets

"Bringing to life a sound environment that suits your lifestyle."
Taking advantage of technological developments and experience gained through acoustic designing and construction of various professional recording studios, Nihon Onkyo Engineering aims to create an ideal sound space that meets the varied demands of its customers. In proceeding with a devised plan, consideration of various aspects is important, including external transmission of sounds, soundproofing and sound insulation for suppressing vibrations, and room sound field control to ensure comfortable listening of musical instruments. Through consistent and responsible construction that includes performance evaluations through interior designing, construction, and measurement, Nihon Onkyo Engineering strives to offer an environment where "playing is a pleasure." When it comes to acoustic construction companies, there is no shortage of those that handle instrument practice rooms. Nihon Onkyo Engineering aims to offer more than a simple soundproof room, as comfortable sound spaces are difficult to achieve through soundproofing alone. Instead, we aim to offer a truly special sound space.

From consultation to delivery

Consultation and inquiries

Determination of purpose, space available, budget, etc.

Specification consultation and acoustic designing

Determination of sound specifications (including sound insulation and interior finishing) based on conditions


Submission of final estimate following consideration of acoustic specifications, interior finishing, etc.

Site construction and management

Specified construction based on acoustic specifications with appropriate consideration for necessary construction adjustments, etc.


Confirmation of performance through room sound field adjustment/measurement, and final delivery

Follow-up care

Appropriate follow-up service provided after completion

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