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Acoustic Grove System -- ANKH-?

Improved spatial localization with enhanced soundscape of the music source

The ANKH-V was designed for use where the ceiling and wall meet--a location that greatly influences the quality of a room's sound field. This product offers stabilized localization and an improved sense of reality, particularly by removing unnecessary characteristics in voice and musical tone color. (Design/patent registered)


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ANKH-V usage example

Following are some of the appreciation that we have received from users:

  • Distortion was removed and the sense of reality was improved through more natural tone colors.
  • Central localization became clearer and vocals became less muddled.
  • The sense of depth has been increased.
  • With more clarity even in the lower frequency ranges, the quantity of sound information has been increased for a more natural sound field.
  • The signal-to-noise ratio was improved thanks to clearer changes in delicate nuances.
  • The speakers seemed to disappear, and I felt more like I was in front of a live stage.

Use the ANKH-V along with other AGS products (such as SYLVAN and ANKH products) for an even more pronounced effect.

ANKH installation example

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