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Microphone positioning devices

Applying mechatronic technology to acoustic measurements

Photo of cylindrical-coordinate robotFrom Nihon Onkyo Engineering launched the world's first microphone positioning device, and now it becomes an indispensable for acoustic measurement. Understanding the acoustic radiation characteristics of a sound source is extremely important for determining sound power levels and noise countermeasures. Automating the complicated measurement point positioning of microphones ensures reproducibility of the acoustic measurement at the site, thus minimizing the amount of labor. These devices make it possible to construct a flexible automatic measuring system that can easily be controlled from a computer.

Single-axis devices

Includes microphone rotator ideal for use in a reverberation room and a turntable ideal for measuring sound directivity in an anechoic room.

Dual-axis devices

Includes the lightweight, transportable 2-axis MT-2000 suitable for use in small spaces and capable of quiet operation. Choose from three different dual-axis products, including the MRS Series, used primarily for measuring sound power levels.

3-axis devices

Includes multipurpose models ideal for sound pressure and intensity distribution measurements, particularly in an acoustic lab.

4-axis devices

Includes a mechanism for changing the angle of the microphone. Extremely useful for distribution measurements such as sound power and acoustic intensity.

5-axis devices

Includes a gantry crane-type microphone positioning device that hangs from the ceiling for an increased range of automatic measurement within a lab.

Special devices

Includes various products designed to meet the needs of customers.
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