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Rich material database and testing service

Rich material database

Acoustic material One of the most important features of STRATI-ARTZ is its material database. This material database includes various material parameters measured by Nihon Onkyo Engineering that customers can freely select and combine the material virtually to conduct the acoustic performance simulations.

Prediction of sound absorption coefficient by reverberation room method using STRATI-ARTZ

Sound absorption coefficient prediction In the sound absorption coefficient by reverberation room method, measured sound absorption coefficient is affected by area of sample. Even though such differences may be seen that the absorption coefficient is exceeding 1.0, STRATI-ARTZ provides calculation considering such influences of the sample area.

Sound transmission loss prediction using STRATI-ARTZ

Sound transmission loss prediction This is a comparison between prediction of sound transmission loss using STRATI-ARTZ and measured data. This means STRATI-ARTZ can provide accurate predictions even for structures with multiple layers.

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