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Music & Broadcasting

Drawing upon years of cultivated experience and utilization of the latest technologies, Nihon Onkyo Engineering is dedicated to developing and providing a better sound space that not only meets the physical specifications of the desired sound space but also the auditory desires that are not easily represented through specifications. Our attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the services we provide—from planning to delivery, including product design, construction, measurement systems, and consulting services.


Nihon Onkyo Engineering offers a diverse array of services—from acoustic design and construction for halls, cinemas, live music venues, and other facilities for enjoying audio and visual contents to consultations regarding unwanted noise and vibration in addition to noise diagnostics and measuring for factories and other establishments near living environments.

Automotive & Transportation

From laboratories with anechoic rooms and reverberation rooms to measurement systems and consulting services, we provide a wide range of solutions for sound- and vibration-related problems with the ultimate goal of improving customer product quality.

Electronics & Applicances

At Nihon Onkyo Engineering, our services—which encompass laboratories, listening rooms, microphone moving devices, measuring systems, and consulting—are designed to improve customer business and act a as a driving force behind the production of even higher-quality products.

Aircraft Noise Measurement

We also offer a variety of services related to aircraft noise measurement—from measurement consignment work using Nihon Onkyo Engineering products to prediction simulation and noise contour creation to measured data analysis and aggregation support services.

Audio Rooms & Musical Instrument Practice Rooms

At Nihon Onkyo Engineering, we strive to offer the best sound space by combining our experience and technology expertise cultivated over the years as professional sound creators with AGS technology designed to provide a great sound space.